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22nd, 23rd y 24th de julio 2016

Palacio de Revillagigedo, Gijón, Spain

«The principle ethos upon which Ciclorama was built is to communicate a message through urban cycling that is linked to lifestyle, this will be done in ways that range from exhibitions, presentations, fashion, live bike exhibitions, documentaries and bike competitions».


Prolific national and international brands will be showcasing their products at Ciclorama and to compliment this there will also be races, competitions and live exhibitions.

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Renowed photographers and video artists linked to the world of urban cycling will be showcasing their work both inside and outsi- de of Ciclorama. Throughout the weekend, our cinema room will be showing cycling movies and documentaries.

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A garden area will be open for the entire duration of the event with perforamnces by DJs and bands, as well as a selection of food and beverage o ered by participating foodtrucks.

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«Ciclorama will be held in the heart of the city of Gijón at the idyllic Palacio de Revillagigedo, a historical palace with a unique architecture facing the recreational port of Gijón».

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